Alligator Point Water Resources District Expansion Project

The District is considering whether to ask the Florida Legislature to expand its legal boundaries to include areas that are currently being serviced, but are outside the District.

We are in the preliminary planning stages and would like to get your feedback.  Please complete survey to the left indicating your support or opposition to expanding the District boundaries.  A list of FAQ's are below for your reference.  The District always strives to work in the best interest of our customers and we appreciate your help with this response.  A stamped, self addressed envelope is enclosed for your convenience. 


Alligator Point Water Resources Board of Directors


APWRD is an independent special district, whose boundaries were codified in Chapter 2005-351, Laws of Florida. A legislative act is required to change the District’s boundaries. APWRD is seeking guidance on whether it should request a local bill from the Florida Legislature to conduct a referendum (vote) of registered voters (outside the district who are registered to vote in Franklin County), to expand its legal boundaries to incorporate all areas it currently services.

APWRD is not required to provide services outside of its boundaries. Properties within APWRD’s boundaries are subject to ad valorem taxation.  Ad Valorem taxes are used to fund capital improvements inside and outside of the District. Properties outside the District are not subject to taxation, but customers are required to pay an additional surcharge per month for District services. Expanding the district will eliminate surcharges plus provide an equitable sharing of capital improvement costs. 

APWRD is seeking support of Alligator Point/Bald Point residents to adopt a resolution supporting this effort so the District can present the bill to the Legislative Delegation to file during the
2015 Legislative session.

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Alligator Point Water Resources District Expansion
Q:Will hookup to the Alligator Point Water system be mandatory if my property is included within the district boundaries?

No, residents will not be required to connect to the APWRD system.  Should one chose to connect to the system, the district policy does requires customers to pay a onetime Access fee and Tap fee when applicable. 

Q:What is the benefit to me to have my property included within the district boundaries?

Some of the benefits of having your property included within the district boundaries are:
* Lower monthly water bill
* Hydrant and fire protection
* Ability to become an APWRD board member
* Lower tap fees

Q:I was not able to vote last time the district expansion project was conducted. Why?

The referendum will be conducted for individuals who are registered to vote in Franklin County and own property outside of the current boundaries.  Registered voters who live inside the current district will not be able to vote.

Q:Will I be required to abandon my own personal well?

No, however if you ever chose to connect to the APWRD system you will be required as an APWRD customer to have a backflow preventer.  This is current APWRD policy and will not change with the passage of district expansion.  The FDEP prohibits cross connection between approved potable source and a non-approved water source.

Q:Why do I have to have a backflow preventer for my own personal well if I am an APWRD customer?  Who requires this?

If you are a current APWRD customer or potential customer and have an item such as a well, pool, or irrigation system then you are subject to the district’s Cross Connection Policy.  The Florida Department of Environmental Protection requires that backflow preventers be installed so that water is prevented from flowing “backwards” and contaminating an approved public water source.  As a convenience to District customers, APWRD conducts bi-annual inspections of all applicable backflow preventers to ensure that they are working properly.  The cost of installing the backflow device and the inspection fee is the responsibility of the customer.  APWRD currently inspects backflows in October every other year and the inspection fee is $45.00.

Q:Will my monthly water bill decrease if the vote passes?

If you are currently outside of the District then yes, Out-Of-District customers are currently charged a $30 surcharge on top of their base rate.  This fee covers the cost of providing service to customers outside the boundaries which customers inside the boundaries currently pay through their Ad Valorem taxes.  Also, Tap fees are charged at a higher rate to outside the district customers so that fee will also be reduced with this passage.

Q:I am currently inside the district.  Will my monthly water bill decrease if the vote passes?

No, customers inside of the District will not see any difference in their water rates.

Q:Will my overall expenses go up?

Customers outside of the District monthly expenses for water service will go down, but your ad valorem taxes may go up.  For all customers, your overall expense will be determined depending on the taxable value of your property and the current millage rate set by the District during budget season.  The taxable value for your property is set by the Franklin County Property Appraisers office and can be found on your annual TRIM notice or on their website.  The District sets the millage rate based on the taxable value of property located within its District boundaries.    Please see the chart below to show where the break even point is for properties inside the District vs. Outside:

Q:If we are not on the APWRD system will we still be charged Ad Valorem taxes for the District?

Yes, the expansion will now include your property into the taxable value that the district uses to calculate the millage rate for the yearly budget. 

Q:What if my property is a vacant lot; will I still be charged Ad Valorem taxes?

Yes, you will be charged based on the taxable value of your lot.  Customers with vacant lots are still serviced by APWRD through fire protection whether they are district customers or not.

Q:What will the Board do with the revenue generated from Ad Valorem taxes on my property?

The Ad Valorem tax revenue is used to fund capital improvement items which are budgeted for prior to the beginning of the fiscal year.  The APWRD partakes every year in the Florida Department of Revenue Truth In Millage process that requires the District to hold two public budget hearings.  Residents are encouraged to attend these hearings and provide input to keep up to date on the upcoming projects and improvements that the APWRD is working on. 

Q:Will my monthly water service I currently have change in any way?

No, your service will not be affected by this expansion.

Q:My property is already inside of the district.  How will expansion effect my current water service?

If you are already a District customer then your service will not be affected by this expansion.  The only effect expansion may have on you is a possible reduction in your ad valorem taxes.  This will be dependent on the value that is added to the Districts current taxable value after the expansion is passed. 

Q:Is the water that is provided to District customers tested for quality to ensure that it is safe and clean for consumption?

Yes, the Alligator Point water system is regulated by both Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the North West Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD).  The District is required to provide yearly water quality reports to all district customers per FDEP regulations.  The Consumer Confidence Report is available at the district office, on the district website, and is also published in the Apalachicola Times newspaper annually.  APWRD takes water quality issues very seriously and staff is well trained to ensure that the water being supplied to customers meet both primary and secondary drinking water standards. 

Q:How will my water service be affected by the busy holiday seasons?

APWRD is issued a Consumptive Use Permit by the NWFWMD that regulates the amount of water pumped per day, the average daily flow, and maximum day.  During busy holidays, APWRD works to ensure that there is not a disruption in your water service.  The water tanks are monitored to ensure that they don’t go below a certain level.  It is important to understand that APWRD does not let our ground storage tanks run “dry” during busy holiday seasons.  Staff continually reviews water pumping data to ensure customers are provided with clean safe water when they turn on their faucets.

Q:Why is the APWRD Board of Directors appointed by the Governor and not by the Alligator Point taxpayers?

The APWRD was created via an act of the Florida Legislature; therefore, it is not regulated by the Franklin County government or the taxpayers.  Currently, only residents inside of the district boundaries are able to hold a seat on the board.  With the passage of District expansion, customers that are currently outside of the boundaries will also be able to file an application with the Governors office to hold a seat.  Board member positions are voluntary and un-paid.

Q:How many out-of-district customers does APWRD currently have?

Currently, the district has 113 outside of district customers and 626 total customers.