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Alligator Point Water Resources District is a non profit independent special district with a three member volunteer
Board of Directors created by a local bill in 1963.
APWRD maintains and operates a potable water system only within our service areas of, but not limited to,
Alligator Point and Bald Point.
APWRD office is located at 1378 Alligator Drive Alligator Point, FL 32346. 
APWRD mission statement is to provide the residents of our community with high quality water and reliable service at an affordable cost
​​Saturday July 17, 2021
Board of Directors Meeting will begin at 9:00 AM

Tuesday July 27, 2021
Public Hearing at 9AM to discuss District Expansion

​​Saturday August 21, 2021
Board of Directors Meeting will begin at 9:00 AM

​​Saturday September 18, 2021
Board of Directors Meeting will begin at 9:00 AM
Important Upcoming Events:

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 Member of Florida Rural Water Association

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This page was last updated: June 24, 2021
District Expansion Updates & Information-
Click Here 
Below is the 
Amended Cross Connection Policy which allows the use of Dual Check Valve Backflows and changes the inspection frequency to every 2 years. 
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Alligator Drive Multi-Use Path Information 

In July 2020, Franklin County advertised a project (the Multi Use Path) to be constructed along Alligator Drive from the Marina to the approximate location of the Volunteer Fire Department Building. The Path has 2 design cross sections: One is a 10' wide path constructed on one side of the roadway; and the other is a 5' wide path constructed on both sides of the road.

  The Water District did not know anything about this project until we were contacted in October by the apparent low bidder for the project. The low bid contractor expressed concern over the impact the project would have on the District's water main and especially the services going to each house. 

Recognizing the potential water service disruption the county's project could have on the district's water customers, the District immediately notified the county it was available to discuss ways to coordinate the county's work to minimize the potential disruption of water service during construction of the project. The water district immediately sent a letter to Franklin County offering our office as a place to hold the pre-construction conference. We also suggested that the contractor and our maintenance supervisor could ride the route of the proposed construction to view potential conflict areas.  Franklin County chose not to award the project due to an irregularity in the low bidder's bid.  It is our understanding the project will be re-bid after approval of the revised plans by FDOT.

The purpose here is to restate our willingness to work with the county to minimize the project's disruption of water service to our customers. Multiple disruptions of water service during construction due to lack of coordination will not serve the best interests of Franklin County, the contractor, the water district, or our customers.

There is a second phase of the Multi Use Path project that will continue to Bald Point Road and beyond. We have been contacted by the county's engineer for the location of our water lines and services in this section and have provided them for their design. It's our understanding that this portion of the project is under review by FDOT as well. 

Please contact Franklin County for any other information regarding the status of these project.